Our Values

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Our core value is:

Doing Things Right in One Go

It is the work attitude and the goal that we should adhere to at all times. Only in this way can we ensure safety and quality, pursue excellence and fulfill our mission and vision.

“Doing Things Right in One Go” can be interpreted in three dimensions:

“In one go” - do things right the first time and leave no hidden hazards; do things right every time, that is, at every step, every process and every stage.

“Things” - refer to the right things that conform to the principles of “Safety First, Quality Foremost, Pursuing Excellence”, and to all work activities and projects.

“Right” entails:

  • Doing things wholeheartedly - making meticulous plans and analysing and making provisions for all potential risks and weak points to accomplish tasks with the right approaches and solutions.
  • Doing things as per standards - following procedures, complying with requirements. Building on this, we go for the extra mile to achieve higher quality.
  • Doing things to the best you can - exerting ourselves to accomplish the job in one go, or to strive for the best when the necessary resources are not available.
  • Doing things in an ethical way - being open to different ideas, communicating with respect, upholding integrity.

Our basic values are:

Transparency, Respect, Inclusiveness and Value-Orientation

Transparency: to communicate openly and truthfully

  • Communicating with honesty.
  • Respecting the factual truth.
  • Communicating in the way that ensures understanding.

Respect: to show respect to each other even in disagreement

  • Actively listening to different opinions with patience.
  • Appreciating different opinions.
  • Managing difference in compliance with good corporate governance practices.


Inclusiveness: to understand people of different cultures and backgrounds.

  • Being open to different cultures.
  • Being inclusive to different ways of thinking.
  • Standing against self-seclusion and arrogance.


Value-Orientation: Each and every one adds value

  • Each business activity, each role and each task contributes value to the company.
  • Customers bring economic returns to the company. Through adding value to the company by meeting customer needs, the staff will feel a sense of fulfilment.
  • Creating value through raising cost awareness, increasing income, reducing cost and expenditure, and improving efficiency. Optimizing working process to improve quality and efficiency.